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Maintaining Independence – Tom and Judy

Situation: A long-married couple in their 80’s, having moved from their house to a senior apartment, is facing a crisis. Tom has been hospitalized twice in 30 days because he’s suddenly having trouble managing his diabetes ... read more

Life Changes – Son Helps Mother ‘Start Over’
Situation: In the last year, 68 year old Olive lost her husband and downsized her home. When moving, Olive enlisted her son to help her pack and sort through paperwork. They were both amazed at how much paperwork and information she had accumulated. After getting settled in her new residence... read more

Stable Senior – Family Wants Advice and To Know What They Don’t Know
Situation: Ninety-two year old Ruth lives in an assisted living facility in an independent living unit. She is mostly healthy, although she has previously fallen and broken her hip. Her two sons and daughter want to make sure they are organized ... read more

Family Crisis – Need Help Evaluating a Situation Now
Situation: George has been in an assisted living facility’s rehabilitation unit recovering from hip replacement surgery. He has not progressed as hoped and his 100 days of Medicare coverage is due to expire. The cost for continuing ... read more

Post-Op � Husband and Wife Prepare for the Future
Situation: As they prepared for Maury�s upcoming surgery, Grace, 71, and Maury, 74, realized that they might need a little extra help immediately following Maury�s return home. Additionally, they were unsure as to which was a better choice... read more

Senior Caregiver – Seeks Organization and Assistance with Wife’s Health Care
Situation: 70-year-old Phillip recently moved his wife to an assisted living facility’s Alzheimer’s unit. His primary concern is for his wife - he wants to be sure that she receives quality and effective care. He knows his wife’s ... read more

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