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Senior Caregiver – Seeks Organization and Assistance with Wife’s Health Care

Situation: 70-year-old Phillip recently moved his wife to an assisted living facility’s Alzheimer’s unit. His primary concern is for his wife - he wants to be sure that she receives quality and effective care. He knows his wife’s memory is failing and that their lives are changing in ways they did not expect. A retired, successful executive, Phillip now recognizes that they are not prepared for this stage of life - their health care information is not well organized and he doesn’t even know if his insurance policy will cover his wife’s care.

Our Role: My Health Care Manager’s services helped Phillip get organized, clarified his insurance coverage, and helped him feel confident that he is receiving professional, unbiased guidance and information. Phillip enrolled his wife as a Member, and their Health Care Manager conducted an Assessment to gather extensive information about health, skills, safety and other factors by meeting with day to day care providers, the social worker from the long-term care facility and Phillip.

After the Assessment, Phillip determined that My Health Care Manager’s Assisted Living Support service was the best solution. This included:

  • monthly visits by the Health Care Manager;
  • participation in the care planning meetings at the facility;
  • communication with Phillip and the care facility to ensure Phillip's wife’s needs are being met and that she is receiving the care her husband has arranged and expects;
  • random visits to ensure Phillip’s wife is receiving proper and quality care.

Outcome: Phillip’s daily visits with his wife improved. He feels the staff has been more responsive to his concerns and that his wife has been more content. By relying on My Health Care Manager to manage the care plan details, he has spent more quality time with her. Phillip still misses the past, but has fewer worries about the future.

Phillip soon realized that he did not want to live apart from his wife, and joined her at the facility within the independent living community. My Health Care Manager provided assistance and coordination helping Phillip move from his condominium to his new home.

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