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Family Crisis � Need Help Evaluating a Situation Now

Situation: George has been in an assisted living facility’s rehabilitation unit recovering from hip replacement surgery. He has not progressed as hoped and his 100 days of Medicare coverage is due to expire. The cost for continuing at his current facility is $156 a day. His four children have different opinions about what to do next: two of the children who live out of town, believe he is ready to return home; another isn’t sure; and the fourth knows Dad needs more help than can be provided at home, but doesn’t know what to do next.

Our Role: My Health Care Manager was retained by the family under My Health Care Manager’s Initial Support service to help determine if Dad can safely return home, and if so, to clarify the necessary support services.

  • MHCM contacted the current care facility and after providing proper HIPAA and Consent documentation, learned from the staff case worker and physical therapist that caring for George at home would be quite an undertaking. He required extensive care, including safety supervision and someone to administer medications 24 hours a day, meal preparation, assistance with mobility including turning in bed at night every two hours, and therapy to increase basic endurance from poor to fair (e.g. stand longer than 2 minutes with minimal assistance).
  • The family received a detailed report of the findings, which included an hourly staffing grid showing the level of care it would take for George to safely return home.

Outcome: The family agreed that moving George home was not really an option based on input we provided. They engaged My Health Care Manager to identify facility options that could best meet their father’s needs. A week later George moved into a long-term care facility and his children were comforted because they felt he would receive the care he needed to ensure his physical well-being.

Maintaining Independence � Tom and Judy

Stable Senior � Family Wants Advice and To Know What They Don�t Know

Life Changes � Son Helps Mother �Start Over�

Post-Op � Husband and Wife Prepare for the Future

Senior Caregiver – Seeks Organization and Assistance with Wife’s Health Care

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