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Post-Op � Husband and Wife Prepare for the Future

Situation: As they prepared for Maury’s upcoming surgery, Grace, 71, and Maury, 74, realized that they might need a little extra help immediately following Maury’s return home.  Additionally, they were unsure as to which was a better choice: Maury spending a few days in a rehabilitation facility following surgery or returning home immediately with in-home physical therapy.

Our Role: Maury and Grace enlisted My Health Care Manager to help them weigh the options and then select the appropriate facility or skilled home care agency.  After meeting with a Health Care Manager and discussing their needs, the couple decided that Maury would return to their single-level home following his surgery.  Their Health Care Manager helped them evaluate different skilled home health agencies and provided details such as each company’s policy for screening employees and whether each company carries its own liability insurance.  With our help, Maury and Grace selected a home health agency, as well as an agency to provide light housework and grocery delivery during Maury’s recovery.  After Maury’s return home, their Health Care Manager coordinated the care and in-home services for them and completed a home safety assessment.  She recommended things like installing safety bars in the bathroom, removing throw rugs, and augmenting the lighting to improve the safety of the home for Maury during his recovery.

Outcome: Grace and Maury were pleased with Maury’s recovery and impressed by the seamless delivery of services under the coordination of their Health Care Manager.  During Maury’s hospital stay and home recovery, Grace took over many responsibilities including their bill paying and finances.  She realized how little of this she had done in their marriage, as Maury had always taken care of it, and confided to their Health Care Manager that she would really like to better understand it.  During their next meeting, their Health Care Manager opened a dialogue about the future, and urged them to plan ahead.  She suggested that in addition to organizing their legal documents and medical information, they should meet with their financial advisor.  Maury realized that if something ever happened to him, he wanted Grace to be in a position to confidently ‘take over’ their finances.  He helped her learn more about their financial matters and began to encourage her take a more active role in them.  Today Maury and Grace are healthy, happy, and prepared for the future.  They maintain a relationship with My Health Care Manager to address questions as they arise and keep their Health Care Manager ‘in the loop’ in case they need her help in another unexpected situation.

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