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We work hard to provide you with the services that benefit you the most. My Health Care Manager allows you to determine the services your family receives based on your particular needs and the level of guidance you seek. We can provide:

  • An extensive health, well-being, and safety assessment that’s kept up to date so you know all the facts.
  • Easy-to-use tools, daily or weekly calendars, and a comprehensive personal health record to help older adults understand and follow doctors’ treatment plans. These are organized in print and electronically.
  • A plan to keep your mom and dad living independently as long as possible. If it’s time to move, we can help you understand and evaluate living options such as independent and assisted living, nursing homes, and Alzheimer’s care facilities, so you can feel good about the decision you make.
  • An advisor who can ask difficult questions, help your family share information, and keep you informed no matter where you live. You can be well informed about your family member’s health, any changes that occur, and receive guidance on your role as a caregiver.
  • Security and peace of mind.  Knowing that professional support and coordination from your Health Care Manager is available on a routine basis or in case of a crisis can ease your concerns.
  • A concise, wallet-sized personal reference card with important doctor, medication, and contact information readily available for doctor visits or emergencies.
  • A thorough review of all health insurance for gaps or overlaps, and possible improvements you can investigate.  We can also conduct yearly reviews of Medicare Part D or other prescription drug coverage.
  • Careful scrutiny of all health care bills and insurance claims so you know you’re paying the correct amount for the services received.

My Health Care Manager offers you a variety of services that range from support on an hourly basis to address an immediate issue to monthly, ongoing services. Some of the available services include:

  • In home assessments and ongoing home visits.
    Our Health Care Managers will visit your loved one at home to assess their health, any safety concerns in the home, needed home services (such as light housekeeping, a hired companion, or home nursing), and ongoing issues.

  • Care coordination.
    We can help you identify and select sources for assistance where your parents or loved ones live. While any resulting contracts and payments for home health or companion services are directly between you and the service provider, we can conduct background checks and check references, and help you review contracts.

  • Caregiver support.
    Just as each family situation is unique, our caregiver support is tailored to your needs.  We understand the demands placed on caregivers and understand ways in which we can support you.

  • Assessment of housing alternatives.
    We use our resources and experience to help you evaluate alternative living options, as well as specific communities and facilities.

  • Facilitation of family communication.
    Our Health Care Managers serve as skilled, objective third parties in helping your family weigh the options and make decisions. Our technology allows us to keep you informed about visits to medical providers, home visits by our Health Care Managers, and other health care information pertaining to your loved one.

  • Transportation to health care providers’ offices and documentation of recommendations.
    We can arrange for transportation to medical visits and accompany your family members to create written documentation of provider recommendations.

  • Insurance organization and review.
    We work with you to organize insurance information before having it reviewed by a licensed insurance agent for gaps and overlaps. We can also organize your loved ones’ prescription information, medical provider information, and pharmacy information, among other things.

  • Other services.
    While not all available services are listed above, My Health Care Manager will always discuss any unique requirements with you and try to meet your needs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can make a difference for you and your aging loved ones.


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