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Let us be your Guide on aging concerns

My Health Care Manager�s Guide to Key Concerns on Aging is written for older adults, their families and friends as a resource for some of the most common health concerns and keys to improving the quality of life in later years. Each concern � along with insights, tips and advice � is presented on the left page, and ways My Health Care Manager helps along with illustrative stories appear on the right side.

With planning, support, and good fortune, elder years can be an exceptional time for the entire family. However, many older adults need a caring person who can listen, share their concerns, and help sort out the vast amounts of information related to nutrition, exercise, safety of medications, and screening tests recommended for a healthy lifestyle. The Guide is intended to help do that. My Health Care Manager�s Guide to Key Concerns on Aging for Older Adults and Their Families addresses a wide range of important topics:

  1. Living independently
  2. Living safely and avoiding falls
  3. Maintaining good nutrition and fitness
  4. Recognizing risks and signs of depression
  5. Improving communications with your doctors
  6. Preventing medical errors and maximizing medication safety
  7. Observing preventive health screening
  8. Improving family communications
  9. Understanding and addressing memory problems
  10. Assuring preferences with Advance Directives
  11. Reviewing health insurance for coverage and cost
  12. Understanding alternative and continuing care living choices
  13. Knowing when older adults need help
  14. Caring for the caregiver
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