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Stable Senior � Family Wants Advice and To Know What They Don�t Know

Situation: Ninety-two year old Ruth lives in an assisted living facility in an independent living unit. She is mostly healthy, although she has previously fallen and broken her hip. Her two sons and daughter want to make sure they are organized and want a health care professional to be on their side to answer questions and help them as needs arise with changes in their mom’s health.

Our Role: The children enrolled Ruth as a member and split the fee among them. Our Assessment was conducted, including a review of health care information, insurance and legal documents. My Health Care Manager created an electronic and printed version of Ruth’s Health Care Record TM, and her children were able to access pertinent health information and her personal wishes whether in time of stable health, times of transition, or even crisis. With the Assessment and recommendations, the family chose a monthly service level, which provided Ruth scheduled visits and a weekly medication schedule to help her follow her doctor’s treatment plans and remember to take her 7 medications.

Outcome: Ruth and her family report they are better organized and pleased to have an experienced, professional Health Care Manager proactively managing health issues and concerns. Ruth and her doctor are especially happy that she was able to positively impact her health. By graphing blood sugar results 4 times a day for 3 months in her Personal Weekly Schedule, Ruth’s physician was able to get an accurate, pictorial view of her compliance and favorable blood sugar control. Ruth has successfully reduced her blood testing from 4 times daily to 3 times daily; now she is looking forward to reducing her cholesterol level.

Maintaining Independence � Tom and Judy

Life Changes � Son Helps Mother �Start Over�

Family Crisis � Need Help Evaluating a Situation Now

Post-Op � Husband and Wife Prepare for the Future

Senior Caregiver – Seeks Organization and Assistance with Wife’s Health Care

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