Employer Solution

Program Features

Once an employer elects to add My Health Care Manager’s services to its benefits program, employees receive information about the program via an intra-company email announcement and information posted on the company’s internal benefits website (if applicable).

Service Details:

  • All Health Care Managers are nurses who have passed thorough background checks, drug screens, and are insured
  • Services and information disclosure to family members follow HIPAA guidelines
  • Health Care Associates perform the on-site visits for parents and are one of over 5,000 certified Registered Nurses in our U.S. network
  • No long-term contracts are used and employees may suspend or terminate services at any time

Program Steps:

An Information Call occurs first, during which a more detailed program explanation is offered and employee questions are answered. This call is free of charge and allows the employee to determine whether or not to engage My Health Care Manager’s services. Employees are advised to call a dedicated 800 # to put them in touch with a My Health Care Manager representative.

If services are engaged, a Health Care Manager conducts a Fact Finding Consultation with the employee. The Fact Finding Consultation is done via telephone and may take up to an hour. After exploring the issues with the employee, the Health Care Manager creates an Issues and Options Report that summarizes the situation, details the concerns, and gives specific recommendations, as well as proposes services and the necessary actions to address the aging parent’s health care or situation. During a follow up call, the Health Care Manager presents their findings to the employee. There is a flat charge at the negotiated company rate for the consultation and follow up report.

If the employee continues with My Health Care Manager’s services after the consultation, they may choose to have an on-site Situational Assessment performed at the home of their aging parent or loved one. Either a Health Care Manager or Health Care Associate visits the parent and completes an assessment of emotional health, physical health, well-being, and other health care related issues (e.g. medication, nutrition). This visit is charged at a flat negotiated fee and results in more detailed action plans and targeted services for the unique situation of the employee and his or her family. The Situational Assessment is not required, and employees can always elect to simply engage My Health Care Manager for ongoing advice and assistance without having the assessment completed. For ongoing assistance, employees pay for services at the negotiated hourly employer program rate. Ongoing assistance can include the following services:

  • Caregiver support
  • Housing alternative evaluation
  • Family communication facilitation
  • Care coordination services
  • Transportation to health care providers’ offices and documentation of recommendations
  • Insurance organization and review
  • Home health evaluations
  • Other services as needed

For more information, please contact My Health Care Manager at 800-614-5457.