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Order a copy of "The Guide for Senior Well-being and Eldercare"
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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does My Health Care Manager offer?

Services are based on the unique needs of each member. We meet with you to listen and understand your situation. Services range from working with you on an hourly basis to solve an immediate, short-term need to an extensive assessment of health and safety, with customized monthly services. Your Health Care Manager, a nurse or licensed social worker, stays involved based on needs and desires.

What is My Health Care Manager?

My Health Care Manager is a national company whose mission is to help seniors and their families manage the complexities of older adult life with unbiased professional guidance addressing health, independence and peace of mind.

We employ nurses and social workers as Health Care Managers in local communities to be your trusted advisors. The Health Care Manager helps you manage the care and services provided by others, offering holistic, unbiased professional advice and support services geared toward improved health care management, prolonged independence and increased peace of mind. My Health Care Manager doesn't provide medical care or home health services, nor do we promote or sell insurance or health care products.

What benefits does My Health Care Manager offer?

Dealing with health and care issues while getting older is a new and complex challenge for many people. With My Health Care Manager, you don't have to figure it out on your own. Some of the ways in which you or a family member may benefit:

  • Peace of mind that comes from having an experienced, personal Health Care Manager as your trusted advisor
  • Security knowing that you have special assistance should illnesses or unexpected hospitalizations occur
  • Fewer worries for loved ones living near or far through regular communications
  • Easy availability of important health care, medication, insurance and contact information gathered in one place online or printed that can be quickly updated and shared
  • Objective review of health insurance and help understanding health care bills and insurance claims
  • A full range of customized services to meet your unique needs

How do I know which service is right?

The first thing we do is have one of our Health Care Managers meet those involved to understand what's important to you, current situations, concerns and things that are going well. Based on your needs, we will propose the best way we can serve you, whether it's resolving a short-term need or addressing an ongoing issue. If you want an ongoing relationship, we will conduct additional assessments, establish an electronic master health care record, and review health insurance, among other steps, to determine the most appropriate monthly services. You can change these services on a monthly basis as your needs change. There is no long-term contract.

Is My Health Care Manager affiliated with any organizations (i.e. hospital, insurer, assisted living home)?

No, My Health Care Manager is an independent company and is not affiliated with any other organization. We don't accept commissions or referral fees, nor do we promote or sell any medical products or insurance. Our sole commitment is to you.

How are you different from home health care agencies and others who say they help manage health care?

My Health Care Manager provides information and guidance, and as a trusted advisor, we can work with you to find a good service provider and then follow up with you to oversee the quality of the care you're receiving. In-home health agencies provide people to come into your home to provide a range of services, including medical care, cooking, cleaning and transportation.

My doctor takes good care of me. How will you work with my doctors?

We work with you and your doctor to help both of you share and communicate important health care information. A key piece of this communication process is your Member Notebook. It contains your current and important health care information from all of your providers. Sharing this information with your doctor during your appointments helps him or her better understand your health care situation. Our Physician Appointment Planner SM can help you gather questions and thoughts before you meet with a doctor.

What are the qualifications of My Health Care Manager's employees?

Health Care Managers are either nurses or social workers with significant experience in health care, who have the desire to use their experiences to help others. The company is advised by experts in geriatric medicine, aging research, nursing, social work, and publicly funded services for older adults.

Are your employees insured, background checked, safe?

Yes. We conduct a thorough background check, through a reputable professional agency, for all our employees. All Health Care Managers and their professional supervisors are insured.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, you don't have to sign any long-term contracts. Services are provided on an hourly or monthly basis. You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

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