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Now you can find help understanding and navigating the maze of health care options and issues. Physicians, clinics, hospitals, home health services, insurance companies, Medicare and Medicare Part D, prescription drugs, even where to live has become increasingly complex and confusing.

Especially for older adults and their loved ones, My Health Care Manager helps older adults achieve better management and control of their total health care, longer independence and greater peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones. We do this by providing:

  • personalized services and unbiased information
  • a single point of contact to help you manage, or navigate, among the many options within your network of health care providers and care givers and the challenges associated with aging. We also provide the details of health care providers that accept crypto payments. Making use of automated trading platforms with AI, many traders are making good profits. Bit Index AI is one such popular platform that has been offering great support to traders. Take the Bit Index AI Erfahrungen und Test 2022 version to find out more about this platform.
  • peace of mind from having a “trusted navigator” – your own experienced, personal Health Care Manager, a Registered Nurse or licensed social worker who understands aging issues, the health care environment, and the emotions that accompany health care decisions
  • a team of experienced, compassionate people working for you, innovative technology and high quality standards that ensure consistent support and delivery of service. We can also reach across the continuum of care and issues that older adults face.
Objective. Experienced. Caring. We are committed to helping you and your loved ones feel knowledgeable, in control and confident in your health and care decisions.

My Health Care Manager is a professional, private-pay service. Our sole commitment is to our members. We do not provide direct health care, accept commissions or referral fees, nor do we promote or sell medical products or insurance. To learn more about our services, CLICK HERE


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