Let Eldercare Slash the Cost of Senior Care for Your Employees and Your Business

Late to work. Missed meetings. Forgotten deadlines. How much are your caregiver employees costing your business?

Caregiving can devastate an employee’s work performance. What begins as workday interruptions can lead to increased presenteeism, full days of absence and even resignation. Employees overwhelmed by senior care can have a costly effect on your company’s bottom line. According to MetLife Mature Market Institute (MMI) and the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC), the cost to employers in absenteeism, workplace disruptions, health problems and reduced work status of working family caregivers is between $17.1 and $33.6 billion per year.* With My Health Care Manager’s Eldercare in your benefits portfolio, you can significantly reduce this cost.

Eldercare saves your employees time, money and emotional toil by providing an experienced, caring and unbiased advisor to help navigate the rules, regulations and paperwork associated with caring for aging loved ones. It also provides an advanced system to access critical information necessary during the difficult times when caregiving decisions must be made. With Eldercare, employees thrust into caregiving roles no longer end up in impossible situations, trying to balance the all-consuming needs of senior care with their work responsibilities. As a result, your business saves money, potentially thousands of dollars.

Discover how Eldercare can strengthen your portfolio and help your employees help their aging family members without costing your business. Call My Health Care Manager at 800-499-8020 to get started or email us with questions. Watch the Eldercare video to learn more.

*Source: http://www.caregiving.org/data/Caregiver_Costs_Study_Web_FINAL_2-12-10.pdf

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